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New Collector Guides

I’ve included some guides with a few tips on F1 collectibles for collectors who are starting out.


Model cars

Being an early car modeller, I did indulge in some collecting of diecast models although I had sell a lot of them to finance my book purchases! Having said that, I know quote a few people who are obsessed with car collections and won’t hesitate to add the odd Exoto, CMC or rare Minichamps model to their collection.  You can check out my beginner guide for budding collectors of F1 model cars:

Guide for F1 diecast car collectors



Collecting F1 books is a little cheaper and a well produced book can bring a lot more enjoyment when reading on the porch with a good drink. Book space can also be an issue sometimes but I do prefer a good F1 book over most diecast models, although I know lots of collectors who prefer model cars over books.

Guide to collecting F1 books


Rare Collector items

I keep lists of rare F1 diecasts and books on the site. Just click the “Rare Books and Diecasts” from the menu bar on the home page to view these lists.