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How to Use this Site

How to best use the F1-nut.com site

As early users of F1-nut.com know, I’ve been experimenting with different WordPress themes to find the theme with the best functionality for finding reviews and other inter-related reviews. Early versions of the site were basic blogrolls with pictures but didn’t connect the articles together and the visual rating system was just simple text number scores. The current theme was selected because it has a good review star system and navigation options but it does take a little longer to load.


Here are some quick tips on how to find relevant books and diecast review content:

1. Finding subject reviews – drivers, teams, photographers

On the right sidebar on the home page, there is a listing of review catagories posted by car, driver, photographer, team, etc. Click the category you are interested in and all the related reviews should be listed.

The other way is to use the search box in the top righthand corner.

2. Finding reviews by author  & publisher

Again, the site search box can be used, but when you view a book review, you will see an alphabetic list of authors in the menu line and also there is a related reviews thumbnail gallery at the bottom of each review. You can also click the tags in each of the postings (e.g. McLaren, Ayrton Senna) and all related posts with that same tag will appear on a summary screen.

3. Use the Review Archive Index Page

There is a Review Archive Index page on the top menu of the site. This page will list all book and DVD reviews that have been posted on the site and their review rating (note: diecast reviews are separate post types). Unfortunately, this list is not in alphabetical or rating order but in chronological posting order (the most recent reviews posted are at the top of the list to the earliest at the bottom). However, from this list you can run a text search for the title or author.

4. Post a request or comment!

If you don’t find a review you’re looking for, you can post a request or comment – a review could be buried somewhere on the site or chances are it will be in the pipeline for a future review posting.

5. Use the Language toolbar

If you are not a native English reader, click on the “Choose Language” tool on the right sidebar and select your preferred language to translate the F1-nut.com site content.

6. Add your own star rating of a book or DVD

The current site allows readers to click the “User Rating” star panel in each review postings to add their own star ratings for any book or DVD being reviewed.


Note about Ads:

F1-nut.com users will notice  banner ads appearing now. The early F1-nut.com was advertising free but due to the effort involved in maintaining the site, I felt I needed to explore some ad displays to see if it could help with running costs and chewing up my spare time. I’m still new to ads and experimenting but I hope to get the balance right. Feel free to help support the site by clicking on ads that might interest you.