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Best F1 Team Books

Team related books are becoming more common now and range from the simple glossy books to the more detailed history storytelling.

A lot will depend on which team you support or are interested in. Excluding Ferrari books and the books already listed in Best F1 books link , below are my current favorite F1 team book selections based on content and presentation. I am going to update this table after I have a chance to re-review a lot of other books in my collection.


F1-nut.com recommended best F1 team books:

1. Benetton Formula 1: A Story by Pino Allievi (editor); Skira Editore (2006)

benetton F1 book cover







2. McLaren Formula 1 by Rainer Schlegelmilch, Hartmut Lehbrink; Könemann (1999)

McLaren Formula 1 book cover







3. Brabham: The Grand Prix Cars by Alan Henry; Hazelton Publishing (1985)

brabham alan henry book cover







4. Williams by Maurice Hamilton; Random House (2009)

williams maurice hamilton book cover







5. Ken Tyrrell: Portrait of a motor racing giant by Christopher Hilton; Haynes Publishing (review to be posted soon)


Best Driver Books

There are hundreds of books on F1 drivers and the choice of the best books is often a personal one. Everyone has his or her favourite drivers but if I were to objectively pick a few of the better books based on research, photography and presentation, the following non-Senna books would be on my checklist:


  Title Author Publisher
1. Regga – The extraordinary two lives of Clay Regazzoni Christopher Hilton Haynes Publishing
2. Ronnie Peterson Formula 1 – Super Swede

Ronnie Peterson Super Swede book cover

Johnny Tipler Coterie Press
3. Remembering Elio

Remembering Elio book cover

Lorie Coffey Coterie Press
4. Jim Clark Eric Dymock Haynes Publishing
5. The Jack Brabham Story

The Jack Brabham Story book cover

Sir Jack Brabham Minidi