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After accumulating a modest library of Formula One books (and a small collection of diecasts) over two decades as a private collector, I found it increasingly difficult to find reviews of less popular and harder to find books that were also independent or had the collector in mind.

Instead I thought it would be useful to create my own book review site for others to use and at the same time learn a little bit about blogging, website design, etc – the result is F1-nut.com. I’ve since added diecast model collecting to the site to cater for the interests of diecast collectors too. I am gradually learning the ins and outs of WordPress but have a look around, come back and check the site from time to time or bookmark it!

My day job doesn’t include owning a book or model shop & I don’t work for a book publishing company, so late last year I decided to add some Google ads and Amazon links to some of the posts to see if it might help offset the late nights and costs to keep the site running. So, if any of the ads are of interest take a look.

In more recent times, book publishers have provided me with copies of new release books (and e-books) to read and review. Some of these publishers that I should thank include Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House and Pan MacMillan.

Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you like or hate, any books or items you would like to see reviewed or if you want to share any information. My webhost stats show that I’m getting readers from everywhere (although I’m still looking for a fellow nut from Greenland and North Korea!), so I will be happy to read and reply to comments!

(Apologies in advance of any delays in replying – there is an awful lot of email spamming, so please be patient…)

Or drop me an email at ken@f1-nut.com.


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