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What are Autocourse books worth?

autocourse annual book covers
autocourse annual book covers

A reader recently sent an email asking about older Autocourse resale values. Most collectors are likely to have a few Autocourse annuals in their collection. New Autocourse books of course start out at their usual retail price and slowly drop after 2+ years where you can pickup excellent condition old stock or second hand Autocourse books for around $US50.

Pre 1982 season and Senna era Autocourse books are much more revered by collectors, so expect these to cost a lot more. 1960’s and 1970’s Autocourse annuals that are in very fine condition or better generally command good prices. Senna McLaren era Autocourse (1988-1991) and 1994 (Senna death) also at times fetch good prices.

The usual grading rules (e.g. spine, dust jacket & page condition) still apply and will have a significant effect on value. In fact, a good unblemished dust jacket will go a long way to retaining good collectors value.

If you’re lucky and have an Autocourse book signed by a driver, team principal or engineer – it’s purely a case of the popularity of that signature. (e.g. Piquet vs Moreno).

Old Autocourse monthly magazines themselves are sometimes bought by mainly diehard or niche collectors. Most mainstream collectors will just prize having the older annuals.

Are the older Autocourse annuals really worth it?  Putting aside resale values, the older Autocourse annuals (while they do have excellent statistics tables) are mainly full of black & white photos with the occasional colour picture . These will always look like a poor second cousin when compared side by side agains the modern era Autocourse books that are printed on heavy grade paper and front to back with excellent colour race photography.


It's all B&W diagrams and statistics

It’s all B&W diagrams and statistics








autocourse annual book pages

There are some colour photos in pre-88 Autocourses









autocourse annual book pages

Schumi’s 2000 championship also marked Autocourse’s 50th anniversary









autocourse annual book pages

2012 Autocourse. By 2005, the entire Autocourse layout and photos are in bright colour