Posted August 22, 2012 by f1nut in General Posts

Rare Grand Prix Books List updated

With the F1 summer break still at the halfway mark, I’ve been busy trying to learn more about WordPress as well as work out what review posts to do next. I’m going to play around with different themes to see which ones make the site navigate and look better. Any suggestions? At the moment I’m using DesignFolio blog theme and although it has a good menu structure, the fonts look a little chunky and bland. I want to practise my WordPress skills on some smaller book titles so I can apply better web or blog features for the really good F1 books which I’m keen on posting up soon.

I just updated my ongoing list of rare books (here) and I’m thinking of posting some Michael Schumacher book reviews while Mercedes and Michael stew about whether to continue for a couple more seasons…