Posted December 1, 2014 by f1nut in Diecast models

Diecast news: Is the diecast collectors’ market in recovery mode?

I’ve noticed some recent sales on ebay in the last few months which suggest that the F1 diecast collectors market could be recovering. I don’t trade models myself but I get a lot of questions from other new and old collectors about values. If you had asked me about earlier in the year about the collector’s market, I would have said it seems the soft global economy is having an effect on the diecast sales – rare models that you don’t normally see are being offloaded by collectors and non-rare models are trading at very flat or low resale prices.

A few recent Spark 1:43 retail sales have raised my eyebrows:

  • Brabham BT20 1966 World championship car for 199GBP (check out my post back in 2013 on this model when it was only around US$100)
  • Barrichello Williams Renault FW32 2010 Spanish GP for 129GBP
  • Clark Lotus 33 1965 World Championship car for 169GBP
  • Laffite Ligier JS5 1976 Long Beach car for 178 EUR

Some recent ebay auction results for 1:43 Minichamps are also intriguing:

  • De Angelis Lotus 88 1981 Long Beach practice car for 261 EUR!!
  • Stewart Tyrrell Ford 006 (1973 world championship car) in the US for $US440.
  • A few Fittipaldi McLaren M23’s (1974 world championship car) for $US370+

I’ll update my latest price reports section later this month to reflect some interesting secondary market sales during the year.