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Diecast models

Diecast Review: RedLine Models Ferrari 312B3 Nikki Lauda

Over the weekend, a car modeller friend showed me a diecast from one of his Ferrari RedLine collection and he graciously allowed me to take some shots to post (I was amazed by the detailing, so I had to ask him). Although I wou...

Book Review: McLaren – The Cars 1964-2008 by William Taylor

Setting the bar for F1 books I recently reviewed McLaren – The Wins, so it makes sense to complete a review of its sister book, William Taylor’s excellent McLaren – The Cars 1964-2008*. I also have to confess that I’m not a hug...


Book Review: McLaren – The Wins by David Tremayne

McLaren über cool After Lewis Hamilton chalked up an excellent win in Hungarian GP for a resurgent McLaren, I think its time to review one of the serious heavy bound F1 books: David Tremayne’s “McLaren – The Wins”. “McLaren – T...

Book Review: Lewis Hamilton “My Story” Special Celebration Edition

The McLaren Prodigy With the driver market focus on whether Lewis Hamilton will stay with McLaren in 2013 and with McLaren back at the top of practice timesheets in this weekend’s Hungarian GP, I dusted off my copy of Lew...


Book Review: F1errari by Rainer Schlegelmilch and Hartmut Lehbrink

If you could describe Rainier Schlegelmilch’s “F1errari” in one sentence it might be “good things come in small packages…” The first reaction to this book is its unusually small but thick siz...