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Diecast models

F1 Diecast Review: Quartzo 1:18 scale Jim Clark Lotus 49

Time for a 1:18 diecast review. Although, Exoto 1:18 Lotus GP cars are highly sought after collectors’ items in the secondary market, especially the beautiful Lotus 72D (Fittipaldi & Peterson models) and the Lotus 49 ...
Diecast models

Amalgam F1 diecast 1:8 scale McLaren MP4/4

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I spotted a few interesting Amalgam and CMC F1 diecasts in the wild – the more interesting one was the Amalgam 1:8 scale Senna McLaren MP4/4. New Ace Hong Kong is a diecast model shop tucked ...

Diecast models

F1 diecast review: Amalgam Ferrari F2008 1:8 scale

At the top end of the F1 diecast replica models would be Amalgam Collection – their mainstream F1 diecasts are in 1:8 scale and they also produce 1:5 and 1:12 scales. Amalgam models come with high end price tags too, the ...