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F1 diecast review: Amalgam Ferrari F2008 1:8 scale

At the top end of the F1 diecast replica models would be Amalgam Collection – their mainstream F1 diecasts are in 1:8 scale and they also produce 1:5 and 1:12 scales. Amalgam models come with high end price tags too, the 1:8 scales have a £2999.00 sticker price tag.

On a recent Rome trip I accidentally stumbled across a few random Amalgam F1 diecasts in 2 stores. I tried to pick up a few snaps on my digicam. Check them out…

The first was an Amalgam 1:8 scale Massa #2 Ferrari F2008 in a display case wrapped in cellophane quietly sitting on the counter of the small Modellissimo model car shop on Via Giovanni Giolitti near Piazza dei Cinquecento. The sticker price wouldn’t leave much change from €4000 so I settled for an Brumm 1:43 scale ’84 Alboreto Ferrari 126CK turbo for €24 instead (I’ll post a separate review another time).

If you are only used to mainly 1:43 and 1:18 scale models,  the immediate reaction to seeing an Amalgam F1 diecast is the huge size of the model, the color reproduction and then the fine detailing. I guarantee that any modeller can spend an hour or so looking over and admiring the chassis, suspension, cockpit, steering wheel, front and rear wing detail. As this model was wrapped in cellophane and the friendly owners were about to lock up the shop (on my last day in Rome too), I only had time to take a few snaps with my modest digicam – although the shots have managed to capture the model color but maybe not the scale.

Massa F2008 mounted on a nice carbon fibre display base


Side profile with shark fin and bar code livery


Amazing front wing and sidepod aero details


I also saw another Amalgam F2008 model not too far away in the Roma Ferrari store – they had a beautiful Räikkönen F2008 replica diecast alongside some other Ferrari Amalgams – they were also hard to photograph but I’ve included some quick shots below.


Across town, the Ferrari Roma Store also have a few 1:8 Amalgams for sale on display…









Closer up view of Amalgam’s Raikkonen version of the F2008…note the highly detailed steering wheel









Another side angle..behind glass and display case








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