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Diecast news: Autoart 1:18 scale Vettel Red Bull X2010

While Red Bull Racing have scheduled a February 3 launch date for their new RB9 2013 challenger, diecast collectors should be reminded that they can get a taste of a more radical Red Bull Racing single seater, Sebastian Vettel’s X2010 concept car (featured in the Playstation 3 Grand Turismo 5 video game) in all its glory when AUTOart releases its 1:18 scale replica diecast this year.

For those unfamiliar with GT5 and the origins of the X2010, Red Bull’s design guru Adrian Newey was asked to design the fastest concept F1 car without being held back by the current FIA technical design restrictions (check out the embedded Red Bull Racing YouTube video). The end product is the X2010 – with a chassis shaped aerodynamically like a fusion between a 2012 Toyota Le Mans and a 2009 Red Bull RB5, engine powered by a twin turbo V6 with a top speed of 450 kph and incorporating a Brabham BT46 Swedish GP inspired fan exhaust for extra downforce. GT5 fans will know that the X2010 subsequently got a facelift with the revised X2011 which has a wider rear wing, re-modelled exhausts, fan and Pirelli tyres (link to see some beautiful photos of the carbon fibre version of the X2011).

Although its unlikely F1 cars will look anything like this in the near future, maybe the FIA’s new electric powered Formula E World Championship series could take some design cues from this (Jean Todt take note!)

AUTOart are better known for their detailed 1:18 models of sedan, sports and touring cars. Their Aston Martin cars are absolutely stunning and they have previously produced open wheel racers in their 1:18 diecasts of A1 GP cars, so the expectations are high for this one. Looking at a few online sites, retail pre-order pricing looks varied so its best to ask your favorite model shop or supplier for a price quote.

As you can see from the photos, the model does not have a Vettel helmeted driver figure but the driver canopy can be raised. The cockpit detail with heads up display, steering wheel and race seat straps look excellent.  The diecast is in full F1 style Red Bull race livery. Its easy to imagine this model looking great in a display shelf alongside 1:18 Minichamps replicas of Sebastian’s title winning RB6.

Many thanks also to AUTOart for their kind permission to allow F1-nut.com to reproduce some of the X2010 diecast photos.

You can check out more photos of the X2010 1:18 model along with technical specifications at the AUTOart site (link here).

Autoart RedBull Vettel X2010 front view








AUTOart RedBull X2010 diecast cockpit








Autoart RedBull X2010 canopy