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Rare Spark 1:43 models – Pt 2

Spark Ligier JS5 sideshot
Spark Ligier JS5 sideshot

Last year I posted on rare and hard to find Spark 1:43 models as a companion post to my earlier post on hard to find Minichamps F1 models.

I’ve noticed a couple of recent ebay sales that I’m sure shatters previous resell prices for Spark models:

1. Ligier JS5, No.26, Long Beach GP 1976, Jacques Laffite (S1630). 4 ebay sales of this model were 199EUR,  165EUR, 115GBP and 129EUR!! All had full tobacco decals.

2. Shadow DN8, No.16, Dutch GP 1976, Tom Pryce (S1688). Wow, sold for USD241! In my May 2013 post, I flagged that this model might be a future mover (it was selling only for around USD60-70+ at the time)

3. Embassy Racing Shadow DN1, No. 25, Spanish GP 1973, Graham Hill (S1683). Sold for 127GP and 144EUR!

These 70’s 1:43 Spark Ligiers appear to be popular as the consistent high secondary market prices indicate. Which isn’t a surprise, as most collectors would agree that Spark built quality has greatly improved and they have made a real effort to address the demand by collectors to release some of the really unique 60’s and 70’s era F1 cars.

The most expensive Minichamps Ligier I can think of is the Ligier JS43 highbox Panis 1996 Monaco GP victory which usually is only in the USD80-120 range these days.

Here are some different angled shots of the Spark Ligier JS5. The model obviously also looks more attractive after it has been converted with the French Gitanes tobacco decals.

Special Note: Many thanks to Spark/Minimax for permission to include these closeup photos.


Spark Ligier JS5 sideshot

Spark’s “teapot” Ligier JS5










Spark Ligier JS5 sideshot








Spark Ligier JS5








Spark Shadow DN8 Pryce

Shadow DN8 Tom Pryce










Spark Shadow DN1 Hill

Graham Hill’s Shadow DN1