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Ayrton Senna A Tribute book cover
Ayrton Senna A Tribute book cover
Ayrton Senna A Tribute book cover

Book Review: Ayrton Senna – A Tribute by Ivan Rendall

I’ve been trying to slowly post reviews of the various Senna books on my shelves and its amazing just how many books have actually been written about him. Ivan Rendall’s “Ayrton Senna – A Tribute” ...

Book Review: Memories of Ayrton by Christopher Hilton

Its almost 10 years now since the late Christopher Hilton’s book on Ayrton Senna (one of many) “Memories of Ayrton” was published but for me, it still rates as one of the best Senna books. The book is basicall...


Rare Book Review: Ayrton Senna’s Principles of Race Driving by Ayrton Senna

There have been a few technical race driving books published by F1 drivers over the years, including Jackie Stewart’s ‘Principles of Performance Driving‘, Alain Prost’s ‘Competition Driving‘ ...

DVD Review: The Official Tribute to Senna

Having spotted an Amalgam McLaren MP4/4 diecast in Hong Kong on a recent visit, I was inspired to dig up my old copy of The Official Tribute to Senna. This is a 2 disc DVD compilation of various Senna documentaries – The ...

Diecast models

Amalgam F1 diecast 1:8 scale McLaren MP4/4

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I spotted a few interesting Amalgam and CMC F1 diecasts in the wild – the more interesting one was the Amalgam 1:8 scale Senna McLaren MP4/4. New Ace Hong Kong is a diecast model shop tucked ...

Book Review: Viva Ma Vie by Alain Prost

Written in 1993 this is Alain's effort to clear up the early 90s public perception of his racing personality...although it isn't able to cover Alain's time as team principal of Prost GP.