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Book Review: Burning Rubber by Charles Jennings

General F1 history books come in 2 types – the large photo ‘encyclopedias’ or the story-based paperbacks. Burning Rubber – The Extraordinary Story of Formula One by Charles Jennings falls squarely into the second category...

Book Review: Portraits of the 60’s Formula 1 by Rainer Schlegelmilch and Hartmut Lehbrink

Portrait of the 60s: Formula 1 is another Rainer Schlegelmilch and Hartmut Lehbrink heavy hardcover book collaboration. The book is a photo portfolio of the leading grand prix drivers during the 1960s. As a long time fan of Sch...


Book Review: Photo Formula 1: The Best of Automobile Year 1953-1978

The cover of Photo Formula 1: The Best of Automobile Year 1953-1978 rates as one of the best F1 book covers I have seen (the other two would be Michael Hewett’s Monaco Grand Prix and Andy Mathews & Sean Kelly’s Willia...

Book Review: The Formula One Miscellany by John White

I stumbled across John White’s The Formula One Miscellany in the bargain shelf of a local bookstore. This book appealed to me mainly because I am a sucker for any well bound hardcover book with a good dust jacket and ribbon boo...


Book Review: McLaren – The Wins by David Tremayne

McLaren über cool After Lewis Hamilton chalked up an excellent win in Hungarian GP for a resurgent McLaren, I think its time to review one of the serious heavy bound F1 books: David Tremayne’s “McLaren – The Wins”. “McLaren – T...

Book Review: Trevor Legate “100 Years of Grand Prix”

A great photo archive Trevor Legate’s “100 Years of Grand Prix” sits next to my copy of Lewis’ “My Story” in my bookshelf so that was as good enough of an excuse to review this for my next post. The book is divided into chapter...