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Title: Ferrari Formula 1
Author: Rainer Schlegelmilch, Hartmut Lehbrink (text)
Photography: Rainer Schlegelmilch
Publisher: Könemann
ISBN: 3-89508-211-2
Year/Edition: 1999
# of pages: 380
Photos: colour
Cover: hardcover with dustjacket
Size: 28cm (W) x 32cm (L) x 3cm (thick)
Weight: around 2.7kg
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Great selection of archival Schlegelmich photography


Nothing major

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A few months ago, I reviewed Rainer Schlegelmilch’s little Ferrari book “F1errari”.  One of Rainier’s earlier Ferrari books is Ferrari Formula 1. There are 2 editions of this book, one with a cover of Schumacher in the 1996 F310 and the second edition (pictured), with Michael in the F310B at Magny Cour. How does Ferrari Formula 1 stack up against F1errari?

Ferrari Formula 1 follows the large hardcover format and similar layout structure to Rainer’s other books, Grand Prix de Monaco and Fascination Formula 1. Like these books, Ferrari Formula 1 charts each of Ferrari’s GP seasons from 1950 to 1998. For each season, there are about 5-7 pages of photos and captions, although for the Schumacher years there are many more photos.

The pre-1968 photos are largely black and white but many of those still manage to capture the rawness of the 60s racing. Its apparent that even with early color photography in the 70s, Schlegelmilch was playing around with different motion effects shots.

If you liked Rainer’s earlier hardcover books, this one follows the same formula to the same expectation levels – large format coffee table book, heavy binding with plenty of great photography.

The narrative text (Hartmut Lehbrink again) is provided in English, German and French. Nikki Lauda offers a short introductory foreword chapter and rear section of the book includes hand drawn profiles of major Ferrari grand prix cars with some technical specifications.

As can be expected, the photography is this book is excellent. Many shots are famous ones that may have been printed in other publications but the photo chronology and compilation in this book is great. Rainer also include photos of the highs of famous Ferrari GP wins to the low moments including Gilles at Zolder and Michael at Jerez 1997.

If you liked Rainer’s earlier hardcover books, this one follows the same formula to the same expectation levels – large format coffee table book, heavy binding with plenty of great photography.

I’ve always viewed Ferrari Formula 1 and F1errari as companion books rather than one being better than the other. The only other issue is that these books are now almost 10 years old, so if you’re looking for books covering the more recent Raikkonen, Massa, Badoer-Fisichella, Alonso period you may need to settle for Autocourse or the Ferrari Annuals until Rainer decides to publish a more updated title.


Wow Factor or the Money Shot: Plenty of beautiful double page spread side profile car shots! Also nice photos of Chris Amon’s 312, Gilles seating the uncovered 312T4, Gilles at Long Beach 1982 in the wide version rear wing 126C2 and Michael Schumacher’s mangled chassis with exposed engine at Spa 1998.


Suitable for: F1 history fan or tifosi


There are some great aerial shots throughout








Nikki writes the opening foreword to the book









Lots of large double page spread photos








You won’t be disappointed…The famous Schlegelmilch time montage layout has been included.








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    One of my favourites; such an important research book which goes hand in hand with the Paulo D’Alessio book (Formula Ferrari).


    HI there!
    I’ve found this review and you mentioned the fact that there are two Ferrari books of this format with two different covers. I have the one with the 1997 car on the cover. Do you know if there are any differences to the other one as I have the chance to buy one?
    Thanks in advance!


      Hi Pedro – I haven’t had a chance to compare the books side bye side so not sure if there are any big differences. I have the book with the 1997 F310B on the cover too. The other cover has the 1996 F310, so it’s likely an earlier edition with possibly one season less.

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